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    Pharma Nord wint de Nederlandse Drogistenprijs voor de beste introductie campagne van een nieuw product. - 04.05.2009

    Bio-CLA+T wins prestigious Polish pharmacy award

    Pharma Nord has just landed the prestigious “Golden Otis” award on behalf of its top-selling fat-burner, Bio-CLA+T. Thousands of Polish pharmacy customers pointed to Bio-CLA+T as their number one choice of product in the slimming category.

    “I am very proud of the fact that our product, Bio-CLA+T, was awarded the Golden Otis. It is a very prestigious prize, and we were competing with some of the strongest brands in the business,” says Peter Kaminski, Country Manager for Pharma Nord Poland. “Consumers obviously trust this product and feel that it lives up to their expectations.”

    Bio-CLA+T is part of Pharma Nord’s Bio-series, a range of high quality food supplements that has just received another Polish award – the EKO Laur Konsumenta 2009 – based on consumer ratings of its ecological profile, content of natural components, and healing influence.

    The Zloty Otis has quickly become the most prestigious consumer prize for OTC procucts in Poland. In 2009, the award went to Bio-CLA+T from
                           Pharma Nord.

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