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    Pharma Nord products now available in the Vatican - 08.04.2009

    Pharma Nord products now available in the Vatican

    Visitors and residents of the Vatican can now pick up a box of Pharma Nord Biloba or Glucosamine right inside the holy city. The Vatican's only pharmacy, founded in 1874, recently made a deal with Pharma Nord to carry selected products from Pharma Nord’s line of quality nutritional supplements.

    Kewin Eichner Witt, Country Manager for Pharma Nord Italy, is very proud to see Pharma Nord products sold in the Vatican.

    ”The Vatican Pharmacy has a very special status among Italians. To be represented there send a strong signal of the quality and standard of Pharma Nord products,” says Kewin Eichner Witt.

    According to the Vatican, the 134 year old pharmacy is one of the busiest in the world, with about 2.000 daily customers. Close to half of these daily customers come to the Vatican pharmacy to find medicine that is not available in Italy, or to save money.

    Because the Vatican City State can purchase drugs that have passed other nations' standards and approval straight from international manufacturers, new medical products are often available months or even years before they are cleared by the Italian bureaucracy.

    Many Italians also visit the pharmacy to fill prescriptions at the Vatican's low, tax-free prices. Savings can range from 12 percent to 30 percent less for the same products sold in Italian drugstores.

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