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    Pharma Nord lanceert Prelox in Estland - 26.02.2008

    Succesful opening of Pharma Nord Education and Research Cent

    A large number of guests were present to witness the official opening of the new Pharma Nord Education and Research Center in the Czech Republic. The Danish ambassador Ole E. Moesby and CEO of Pharma Nord Eli Wallin cut the ribbon, with over 150 specially invited journalists, scientists and members of the neutraceutical industry present at the opening ceremony.

    "With the work done in this center, our understanding of the relationship between nutrients and health will be increased and expanded, and we will find new ways of preventing diseases and bring better quality of life to thousands of people," Pharma Nord's CEO Eli Wallin said in his speech at the opening.

    The new center attracted much interest, especially from the scientists woh can look foreward to using the center as part of their research. The Education and Research center will be visited by international as well as local experts, and will work with specialists in a number of medical fields from universities from Denmark, Great Britian and the Charles University in Plzen.

    The new center will also host education of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals in communication, coaching, nutrition and sports medicines etc. The center will also provide training in prevention for patient associations and function as a knowledge center for journalists and teachers from all over the EU.

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